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At Compliance our team of senior management and consultants are fully conversant with industry guidance and standards, our building surveyors are multi - disciplined in understanding all aspects of both Air and Water Solutions for the benefit of building occupants and users.   Standards


During its infancy Air Hygiene (more commonly known as ductwork cleaning) and the associated Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) industry has progressed significantly due to the onerous requirements put on building owners and managers  to comply with legislative H&S and the regulatory fire order. (RRFSO)   Are you compliant ? - The legislative requirement


This progression and the ever increasing insurance conditions and warranties that responsable persons now have to comply with, has resulted in an influx of hygiene operators who are contracted to carry out remedial cleaning and associated mechanical works.


We offer a diverse range of consultancy and independent service Products that includes the auditing of contractors to validate that contractual cleaning works have been carried out to the appropriate and agreed Guidance standard/s in terms of hygienic and mechanical efficiency. 


In addition our extensive and exclusive range of capabilities include pre and post clean assessment, surveys, including the validation of remedial works on both air handling systems Air Solutions and water storage installations. Water Solutions


Compliance also offer an independent service in providing environmental hygiene contractors with independent technical advice, assistance & project management associated with air handling, remedial & ventilation cleaning projects to BESA TR/19 guidance / BS EN 15780 standard. in compliance with regulatory H&S, Fire & insurance warranties



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 Let your kitchen       breathe continuosly    

For permanently clean kitchen extraction systems, Vent AIR is the new kitchen extract ductwork cleaning system that is safe and low on costs for permanently clean kitchen extraction systems.

Vent AIR is the new kitchen extract ductwork cleaning system that is safe, low

on cost and low on

environmental impact. Using innovative biotechnology.

Vent Air works round the clock to prevent fire, health and safety risks in your kitchen ductwork; environmental sustainability is at the heart of the vent ethos.

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