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Independent Building Solutions - Air

As air is invisible there is a tendency to take the quality of the air we breathe for granted. Moreover, given that the average person has an air intake of about 3.4 litres of air every minute, the dangers of an inadequate or polluted air supply are obvious. This, coupled with the risk of fire from build-up of grease deposits in kitchen extract systems and the expectations of building occupiers and legislators, have resulted in an ever more stringent level of ventilation system cleanliness being required.

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Our team of experianced and independent consultants, surveyors & contractors are conversant with air industry guidelines and standards and are able to deliver both H&S & regulatory fire compliant advice and associated services.
 Our Independent Air Solutions offering is divided into four distinct areas which, when combined, can provide a total solution to our customers Air Hygiene problems. Effectively a “One Stop Shop” approach offering collective specialist capabilities that include the following services:-

  Ventilation System Hygiene (H&S) 

  • Risk Assessment/Surveys/monitoring/testing
  • Independent post clean auditing of ductwork cleaning works in compliance with BESA TR/19 guidance & BS EN 15780 standards
  • BESA licensed training provider for delivery of the Green Book (ductwork cleaning) Training Scheme
  • Sourcing of qualified ductwork cleaning contractors
  • Specification & project management
  • Air Conditioning & ventilation ductwork (installation & maintenance) consultancy
  • Filtration & air handling equipment refurbishment services
  • System balancing
  • Air & microbiological testing/independent UKAS analysis
  • Expert witness consultancy services (RRFSO)
  • Fire Damper Testing (BS 9999)
  • Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Testing (COSHH)
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 Indoor Air Quality (H&S)

  • Surveys/tests/reports
  • Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) surveys & reports
  • Occuational hygiene services
  • Personal monitoring (COSHH)
  • Air testing - airflow/particle counts/microbiological

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Kitchen Extraction Plant & Ductwork Systems (RRFSO)

  • BESA TR/19 ductwork cleaning guidance & consultancy services
  • BESA licensed training provider for delivery of the Green Book (ductwork cleaning) Training Scheme
  • Risk Assessment/Surveys of grease extract plant & ductwork systems
  • Fire safety post clean validation & auditing of ductwork cleaning standards (TR/19)
  • Insurance compliant system auditing
  • Grease extract systems Monitoring
  • Contractor Cleaning & remedial works  (source & provision)
  • Project management (cleaning & remedial works)
  • Acces door supply & installation
  • Filtration supply & installation

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 Let your kitchen       breathe continuosly    

For permanently clean kitchen extraction systems, Vent AIR is the new kitchen extract ductwork cleaning system that is safe and low on costs for permanently clean kitchen extraction systems.

Vent AIR is the new kitchen extract ductwork cleaning system that is safe, low

on cost and low on

environmental impact. Using innovative biotechnology.

Vent Air works round the clock to prevent fire, health and safety risks in your kitchen ductwork; environmental sustainability is at the heart of the vent ethos.

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